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The Romanian – Lithuanian Relations. Diplomatic documents (1919-1944)

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This year we celebrate the 20th anniversary of re-establishment of diplomatic relations between Lithuania and Romania. Lithuania remembers with gratitude that Romania has welcomed the restored independent Republic of Lithuania on August 26, 1991. It is even more significant that the book “Istoria Lituaniei” in Romanian language was recently published. And now you keep in your hands a new book written in three languages – Romanian, Lithuanian and English: “The Romanian-Lithuanian Relations. Diplomatic Documents (1919 – 1944)”, created by a great team of both Romanian and Lithuanian historians: Silviu Miloiu (coordinator), Florin Anghel, Dalia Bukelevičiute, Alexandru Ghişa, Ramojus Kraujelis, Bogdan-Alexandru Schipor.
Today Romania and Lithuania stand side by side, united in a large European family together with other partner countries, all sharing the same fundamental values and working together for a peaceful and prosperous European future. Centuries ago, in the medieval period, our nations were also standing side by side, being neighbors. Later on, on February 16, 1918 Lithuania declared its independence andwas trying and hoping to open the gates to Europe with the help of Romania, because at that time Romania was Poland’s “strategic partner”. Nevertheless, only in August 1924 diplomatic relations between Lithuania and Romania have been established. Obviously, when both nations were striving to consolidate their newly acquired favorable status on the international scene, the bilateral relations between Romania and Lithuania have witnessed periods of varying activity, often influenced also by the international context at the moment (League of Nations, etc.). Before the Second World War we were seeking each other’s support mainly in order to tackle the common external threats both nations were facing.
This collection of documents is also interesting because it reflects the situation after August 25, 1940, when the diplomatic relations between Lithuania have been violently interrupted. And what is necessary to be mentioned, is that on the historical intersections of events in Europe, Romania never de jure recognized the fact of occupation and annexation of the Republic of Lithuania by the soviet power.
I really hope that this unique collection of diplomatic documents will find your appreciation and will contribute to the strengthening of relations between our nations.

Vladimir Jarmolenko,
Ambassador of the Republic of Lithuania to Romania
October, 2011


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