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MOLDAVIAN WOMEN IN HISTORY. Destinies, politics, and love


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The collection of articles is unquestionably a complete, profound author’s
study written according to the latest methodological requirements; it contains
an extensive educational component that takes into account the needs
of modern historical knowledge and is designed for a wide range of readers
– scientists, educators, students. The conclusions correspond to the content
and reveal the purpose and objectives set in the study. Novelty of
the problems of feminist history in Moldova makes the study additionally
interesting not only for professional historians, but also for the general public
interested in the system of public relations in Central and Eastern Europe
of the 14th–17th centuries.
Lorina Petrovna Repina

Women’s history is no longer a subject for discussions about its uselessness,
irrelevance, and especially for the non-academic approach. At present,
women’s history as a new interdisciplinary direction has not only firmly taken
its place in the series of fundamental research, but also reliably blended into
the historical outline of modern discourse. The factor of expansion of historical
research also has a fundamental importance in modern historical science. The
new social history began to be studied not in the perspective of social movements,
but through the prism of historical anthropologism. The challenge,
thrown by the women’s movement more than half a century ago, was not
only heard, but also gave impetus to the search for new methods, approaches
and directions. Moreover, there are practically no countries, where this sector
of historical science would not take a firm scientific and methodological
direction. Unfortunately, the Republic of Moldova has become an exception
in this list. The topic is closed in the scientific community as “irrelevant and
unpromising”. For many years, researchers in this field have struggled to
establish themselves in a scientific area.
Lilia Zabolotnaia


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Preface by Lorina Petrovna Repina

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A few words about my friend and colleague_by Natalia L. Pushkareva

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